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The main (fall) band and colorguard uniforms are provided for the students to use but each member is responsible for buying certain pieces of the uniforms. Generally these items are only purchased once unless the student loses, damages, or outgrows them. The Boosters provide each student a "show" T-shirt each year and a Bands of Irmo T-shirt once in their marching career. These T-shirts are to be worn at specified times, either as part of the fall, summer, or travel uniforms. They should not be worn outside band activities. The only exception is the "show" t-shirt, which can be worn anytime after the marching season.

Uniform Parts

The marching uniform consists of a jacket, bib pants, a pair of gauntlets, a shako (hat), a plume, a pair of gloves, and a pair of drill master shoes. Percussion does not wear gauntlets or gloves. Percussion Pit members do not wear shakos.

Socks and Shorts In addition, students are required to supply certain personal items including a pair of black socks and a pair of shorts (to be worn under the bib pants and separate from the summer uniform black shorts). Students often have to change in public areas and should plan undergarments accordingly (hence the shorts and t-shirts)!

Shoes The Irmo Band shoes are black Drill Master shoes. All students have to purchase their shoes (they are not covered by assessments). Shoes are sized and ordered during band camp. A salesperson will come to band camp for fittings and sales.

Gloves Cotton gloves are a part of the dress uniform, and are also not covered by student assessments. They may be purchased from the shoe salesperson during band camp. The cost of gloves varies according to the grip needed.


Prior to any uniformed performance of the Irmo Band all band members will stand inspection.

Additional Items

Uniform Bag A bag with a numbered ID is provided for each Band member to transport all parts of the uniform and parts except shoes. The student keeps the bag and uniform parts, except the jacket and bib pants, during the season. The jacket and bib pants always stay in the band uniform room. For trips, the jacket and bib pants are put in the bag after inspection.

Poncho All band members (including guard) must have their own clear plastic poncho in case of inclement weather. These are not covered by student assessments.

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