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History of the Irmo Star

The four-pointed star in the Bands of Irmo logo represents a bright light (a spotlight) reflected on a highly polished object (the Irmo High School instrumental music program). The phrase "Bands of Irmo" is plural to indicate that there are many bands and ensembles that make up the total program. This phrase has been typeset in the classic "Charter" font, symbolic of the program's classic history when it was known as the "Pride of the Midlands." The words are italicized to indicate the constant forward movement of the Irmo Band program, and they are set in bold type to represent the bold nature of its performances. The star's four points represent the four facets of the band program at Irmo High School:

The star's four points also symbolize the four major components of the Bands of Irmo: the MARCHING BAND, the COLORGUARD, the CONCERT BANDS, and the various ENSEMBLES. Each point is equal in brilliance and equally important to the overall program.

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